“I feel more structured, in control and less stressed. I have a much better

work/life balance and for the first time in months I didn’t work on the


  • More than 500 people have benefited from enhanced productivity
  • On average each person gained more than two hours of time a day to focus on high-impact activities
  • Greater emphasis has been placed on improving overall performance, with staff recognised for achievements

The Challenge

The bank’s goal was to enhance the service provided to their customers and increase growth within their competitive market.

Our Solution

Having gained a detailed insight into the way the organisation measured performance and success, we tailored a series of programmes for each different role, ranging from senior management through to preliminary leadership roles nationwide.

A two-year timeframe was assigned to the programmes to ensure consistent delivery of the PEP principles. We structured future programmes into the learning calendar to ensure continuity for new managers. We also introduced additional support mechanisms, including reviewing PEP principles at conferences, during internal training and in communications.

The Outcome

As a result of the behavioural changes implemented by their leaders, greater emphasis has been placed on improving overall performance, with staff recognised and rewarded for achievements.

The organisation has seen more than 500 people benefit from enhanced productivity. On average, each person gained more than two hours of time a day to focus on high-impact activities (for example, increasing the pipeline to enhance growth).